Feature Cars – Lee Pickering’s Civic Type-S On Rota P1’s

Owner: Lee

Car: Honda Civic (FN) Type-S

Wheels: 18×8 Gunmetal Rota P1 – 5×114.3 ET48

Tyre Model / Size: Avon ZZ3 225/40/18

Suspension: FN2 Type-R Eibach 15mm Pro Spring Kit

Other: Colour coded front, rear and side trims, FN2 Type-R spoiler, K&N 57i induction kit, custom Powerflow exhaust system, TPI red wheel nuts, full fast road geometry setup.

Lee tell’s us about the car and how he’s got it to the stage at the moment. “It was bought as a standard 1.8 Type S. My initial intention was to modify it so it would look how I thought it should look out of the factory but, like I did with my 206 before the Civic, I love modifying cars too much to keep things simple. My 1.4 206 ended up going from a standard family run-a-round to a full GTI replica, so it’s fair to say I love modifying. The Civic, however, was a good looking car before hand, it just needed my stamp on it. After a few cosmetic changes like the Sport Grill and colour coding the trim, I added a Type-R spoiler – because the FN Civic NEEDS a spoiler – and then I really started motoring into the mods.”

“Next came the suspension changes. I had the Eibach Pro-Kit fitted which not only lowered the car by some 25mm – due to the springs being for the FN2 – but also vastly improved the handling of the car along with ABP’s full Fast Road Set-UP (FRS), which made the turn in as impressive as I could have ever hoped. I decided to fit a K&N 57i for some induction noise but after a few months I just wasn’t happy with the noise – I needed more. So I took it to a Powerflow fitter and had a custom exhaust system put in. There is plenty to be said about Powerflow – some love them, some loathe them – but I wanted the exhaust to be loud enough so you’re aware there’s an exhaust on the car but not so loud that it ruins people’s day. Thankfully, I got what I was after and I’ve been smiling ever since.”

“Finally there is my 18″ Rota P1s. These were fitted in May this year and it really infuriates me that I didn’t buy them earlier. They are, without any shadow of doubt, the best modification I’ve done to my car. They completely change the look of the Civic and the amount of head-turns I get now is ridiculous. Everyone loves the Rotas! I initially went for Rota after one of my fellow Civic members fitted some incredible ones on his FN2 and I just had to have a set of my own. Couple that with the fact that the P1s are ridiculously lightweight, it just combines perfectly and I love them more than I love some family members.”

“Sure, there will be many people out there who will be thinking “but it isn’t a Type-R” – which is correct – but having owned the car since I was 21, it’s been my entire life. And with the way it looks now, I’d be daft to get rid of it for the foreseeable future.”

After speaking to Lee at Japanese Auto Extravaganza 2012, I can really say that this car speaks volumes of quality and each process has been thought out fully before adding a new part. We look forward to seeing what the future brings with Lee and his Type-S!

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