The D154 – Instant Classic.


THE D154 an instant Classic

In recent months the Rota D154 has started to get alot more attention, and so it should.

The wheel has a beautiful face offering a Classic motorsport design, that is perfect on such a huge Variety of Vehicles.



The D154 comes in a giant list of specs and colours,  in all the classic Fitments, 4×100,108 and 5×100,112,114,120 so this could be perfect for that small hatch or that BMW coupe the possibilities are endless, with it mostly being offered in the mid range offsets making it the best of both worlds, For example Ashley’s EVO 6 who recently switched from the Grids to the D154’s above.


Starting in the centre of the wheel the face concaves in to the perfectly deep Stud holes, the Face then stretches out to the edge of the rim where it is met by a Multispoke design giving in that Vented look, perfect for hiding your brakes but still allowing air circulation and breathing.


The Flat face design makes it an Ideal wheel for  Bigger Brakes upgrade as there is no spokes concaving in to hit the caliper .

Offered in Stunning colours, such as Gunmetal, White , Silver and even a polished Face in the 16″



The 16″ D154 Found HERE Is  offered in the polished face and White but due to the smaller diameter and large width it comes in a much higher concave then it’s 17″ and 18″ Variant. The 16″ is offered in 4×100, 4×108 and 5×100 in a 16 x 8 ET20 and ET30.





So there we have it, The Rota D154, with regular Stock deliveries, and for as little £139.50 a rim this wheel is a perfect contender for any project. Feel free to email us at for advice or support or even to check stock.

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