Jake’s Honda CR-Z on Neo Chrome Grids










Owner: Jake.

Car: Honda CR-Z.

Wheels: 17 x 7.5 Neo Chrome Grids.

Tyres: Goodyear Eagle f1 205x45x17.

Suspension H & R lowering springs.



So we sat down here at Rotashop HQ and talked about our first car’s, we all seemed to have something different from Suzuki Altos and even a Citroen Saxo, so to find out that Jake here, has got this absolutle stunner of a CR-Z as his FIRST car had a slight impression on us.

Jake rang us looking for the first set of wheels on it, and after much debating and consulting with us, he finally went for the Neo Chrome Grids a Great choice.

the 17 x 7.5 Et45 Grid is a popular fitment amongst Hondas suiting Ep3’s particuarlly well. but with this  CR-Z the Neo chrome was more the obvious choice, that White background just seems to make the colour pop.

The Usual question is to ask out of the list of their previous cars which one is there Favourite, however with a car like this and it being it first we are such it is going to stick as his favourite for a while.
How long have you owned this?

I have owned the Honda for 1 year.



It looks great, What is your favourite mod?

My Favourite mod to date has to be the neo chrome rota grids, they have improved the


look of the car completely. So pleased I spoke with the Adam (AKA The Honda Man) he knows the score.

Jakes, done a nice few modifications where any modifier should begin.

Rota grid wheels 17×7.5 5×114.3 et45
Goodyear eagle f1 17x205x45
H&R lowering springs
K&N air filter
HKS oil filter

Any future plans just yet?

Future plans for my car are, firstly a new exhaust with a neo tip to match the wheels, vinyl detail in areas and vented discs with upgrades pads.

Next car?

When my insurance reduces a lot because I am 21, the dream has to be a supercharged Honda ep3 type r.


Thanks for the chat Jake, Keep us posted with uodates on the build.

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