Our Cars – James’s Volkswagen Polo sitting on the Rota Grid-V

Owner: James

Car: Volkswagen Polo 9N 2002

Wheels: 16 x 8 ET20 Rota Grid-V 5×100 3mm spacers on the front. Flat Gunmetal with Gloss black lip

Tyre Model: 195.45.16

Suspension: Coilovers

Other: Back Box delete, Straight pipe. with chrome exhaust tip.

Our James, is a young lad at the age of 18 he has caught the modding bug, James is now on his 3rd Car! This Polo has become his baby though.

when the Rota Grid-V become available in the 5×100 16 x 8 Range he had to have it. He took off the Porsche 928 wheels and got these on as quick as possible.

we got the wheels in for a test and it came apparent they was not going to clear the calipers without a spacer, with a 3mm spacer we managed to get it clear.

The Coilovers are wound down, and the fitment is close, We have rolled the arches for a bit more clearance, as he found he got a little bit of tyre rubbing on hard cornering, but that problem has now been eliminated.

The Rota grid-V is available in a huge range of fitments and widths, and popular in the Jap scene however with 5×100 and 4×100 available it is slowly spreading into the Vag world. We think it looks great and look forward to James carrying on this build to see what it turns into!

Check out the Full Grid-V rangeĀ  HERE







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