James’s Colt Running the Rota Grid-V


Jame’s Mitsubishi Colt Running the Rota Grid-V and some very tight Fitment.

As we say reguarly here at Rotashop, we love nothing more then to see customers cars running Rota wheels. It’s not always about the Big and the Powerful or even the expensive.

However we did find a place in our heart for this little “go kart” of a car.

This Colt runs the Standard 1.1 Engine but running the BC coilovers with the Wider Grid-V this gives the car that great handling that every small hatchback owner is looking for.


The body?

James has smoothed the front, rear and Side trim and doing so giving it a much better flush look, then going on to

painting the car himself and giving a lovely Gunmetal Finish in Satin, making it look a lot more unique.

If that wasn’t enough James is rocking his own custom built Exhaust, giving the car a centre exiting exhaust.



Suspension wise, as said previously the car is running BC coilovers however with his custom camber top mounts, it provides him with that extra bit of adjustability, which helps get that tight fitment look that suits this car,

Down to the best bit The Wheels!

James has put the Rota Griv-V on this, running the 15 x 7J  on the front and the 15 x 9J on the rear in Bronze.

The Rear hub on the car has been modified to hold camber to fit the wider wheels on the rear,

The Future?

The plan for the future is the Sparco buckets seats and a racing steering wheel, moving on to a cage and the whole interior to be flocked.

maybe a body kit to help hold the 15 x 9 Grid-V’s in better.

Check out the Full Rota range including the beautifuly dishy Grid-V at www.Rotashop.co.uk

Great Finance offers applied to full sets!

grid-v158fgmblack grid-v158neochrome grid-v158tchrome

want your car featured on our blog? We will be happy to take a look send an email with some photos to sales@rotashop.co.uk


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