Wheel in Focus, The Rota TBT

This Month we have been focusing on the Rota TBT as we call it here in the UK,

this wheel landed on our shores in 2016 and we think it is an absolutley beaut.

tbt158fgunmetal tbt158mfsilver

Available in these two colours, Flat Gunmetal and Flat Silver,

available in the popular 4×100 Stud pattern, diameter of 15″ a Width of 8″ and offset ET0

makes this rim fall into the same sizing catergory of some of the Big Rota sellers such as Grid-V, Grid Max, kensei and the BM8,

all popular wheels for cars such as the Mx5 expecially the Mk1, and the Mk1 Golf to name a couple.

We have high hopes for the TBT,  Personally I think it’s one of the best looking wheels that Rota offer, with its twin spoke face, the big lip offering dish, It seems to give off a fantastic OEM plus design for some of the more old school rides, giving you the attention your after but deffinatley never a negative or martmite feel to them.

The Best part of these is the price! at only £135.00 a Rim, making it very cost effective.

We offer great Finance rates on all wheels when purchasing a set.

Check out the Range HERE

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